M U S I C • M A K E R


Aria Jay is an alternative R&B singer and songwriter who currently creates and produces her music in Brooklyn, NY.

Singing and studying since age 11, Aria honed her craft with opera master Judy Hages using the classical Bel Canto technique.  She then went on to study jazz performance and composition in Manhattan.  Since graduating, she has worked and toured with numerous acts across the music scene covering a span of genres.

This past year, she wrote and recorded her debut EP “Growth," which was released in the spring of 2017, along with her debut music video for the single "He Said."

In early 2017, Aria was chosen to be artist in residence at a production studio in Brooklyn.  During her one month residency, she created a visual album for "Growth".

Aria is currently recording her next album, DJing in Brooklyn, and getting ready for her first headlining tour.